Furniture 25/05/2020

Hi, I’m Helder. Born in 1991, I live and work in Paris.

Graduated from Ecole Boulle (Paris) in 2014 where I studied woodworking, I consider myself more as a craftsman than a designer. In fact, I handle most of the making-process by myself.  From the idea and the selection of materials to the prototyping and the making of the furniture in order to offer unique and hand-made pieces.

For 3 years I learned to work with various types of materials thanks to different work experiences such as brass at Mydriaz Paris or a wider range from steal to foam alongside the sculptor Arnold Goron. Developing and improving my technical background led me to new creative possibilities.

Inspired by daily details that catch my eye, I’m attracted by simple designs and minimalistic shapes. I create furniture with soft and round lines which I like to break with corners or raw finitions.

Feel free to contact me for any further informations

Thank you & see you soon.


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